Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I request a Tip?

    To request a Tip first you have to choose an Influencer and afterwords you can select a Tip. Then you have to create an account to fill in your personal profile with relevant information so that the Influencer can give you a Personalised Tip. ​

  • Do I have to register to request a Tip?

    Yes it is mandatory to regiter because you will have to fill in your profile with some personal information so that the Influencer can give you a Personalised Tip. ​

  • There is a problem with my Tip. What can I do?

    If for some reason you are not satisfied with your order please contact us by email:

    Only for the portuguese Clients: Livro de Reclamações Online

  • How long does it take to get a Tip?

    After selecting a Tip, you have to fill your personal profile and in the end you will schedule your Tip. The calendar and the service time is defined by each Influencer.​

  • How is delivery done?

    Your will receive an email alert and your Tip will be available at, you will have to Login to get it. ​

  • Is it safe to order online?

    Influencer Tips uses one of the most secure online ordering systems available and is constantly improving its software in order to offer its members and customers the greatest possible security. We have an important responsibility and commitment regarding the security of our website and the protection of the data of our customers and visitors. Therefore, we use a server certificate – also known as a digital certificate – that secures our identity as well as encryption of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) data transmission. See our Privacy Policy for more details.​

  • How do I pay?

    We offer several methods of payment, Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express and Paypal. Once your payment is made, your order is automatically processed.

  • A Tip is no longer available. Will you have it again?

    Tips are limited by the time and capacity of each Influencer. If you wish to receive an alert, you can send us an email and we will get back to you if it becomes available.​

  • What is a Tip Voucher?

    Offering a personal Tip can be a unique experience gift for your best friend. When you by a Tip Voucher please consider 24h to receive your Tip Voucher by e-mail.

  • How does the Tip Voucher work?

    The Tip Voucher will be sent by e-mail. Please consider 24h to receive your Voucher by e-mail.
    The Person who receives the Tip Voucher will have to:
    1. Create an account/Login if is already registered;
    2. Select the Influencer and choose the Tip mentioned in the Tip Voucher;
    3. Fill in the profile with personal details;
    4. When at checkout, insert the Tip Voucher’s number.

    The use of a Tip Voucher implies acceptance of INFLUNCER-TIPS.COM Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. INFLUNCER-TIPS.COM has no liability if a Tip Voucher is lost, destroyed, altered or used without the buyer’s permission.

  • Are taxes and duties included in the price?

    When ordering all taxes and duties are included in the final price. ​
    All prices include VAT.​

  • What is and how do I subscribe to the newsletter?

    The newsletter is a periodic email, sent to your mailbox, whose content may contain promotional campaigns, Influencers news, special offers and content we value and would like to share. You can subscribe at the end of the homepage without the need to register.​

  • I'm an Influencer, how can I can I work with Influencer Tips?

    You will have to send us a request. We reserve ourselves the right to check you social media profiles to guarantee that they comply with our Terms of Use and Policies. After the agreement  setlement, to start giving personalised tips you will have to create an Influencer profile and define your services.​ Please be aware that having an Influencer profile is not compatible with a User profile.

Any other question?​

Write us an email to:​