Privacy Policy


The protection and confidentiality of personal data is a fundamental commitment of INFLUENCER TIPS UNIPESSOAL, LDA to its customers and users of INFLUENCER TIPS WEB PORTAL.
INFLUENCER TIPS UNIPESSOAL, LDA, a company based in Rua Professor Augusto Nobre, No. 451-I, Porto, with a share capital of € 2.500, registered at the Commercial Registry Office under the sole number and legal person 515731900, is responsible for the processing of personal data of customers and users of WEB PORTAL INFLUENCER TIPS.
This document contains information on how INFLUENCER TIPS UNIPESSOAL, LDA collects, uses and treats your personal information when you use the Services and WEB PORTAL INFLUENCER TIPS.


1. What personal information do we collect?
WEB PORTAL INFLUENCER TIPS users’ personal information is collected through a registration form in WEB PORTAL INFLUENCER TIPS.
Listed below are the categories of data we are dealing with and some non-exhaustive examples:
• Identification and contacts: name, address, telephone and e-mail;
• Interests and likes: colors, favorite clothes, skin type, trips taken, etc.
• Physiognomic data: height and weight;
• Contractual relationship data: VAT number, credit card number (validity and ccv code);
• Service usage data: history of contracted services;
• Security data: Portal authentication data, e-mail and password.


2. On what grounds are personal data collected processed?
The personal data of users registered in WEB PORTAL INFLUENCER TIPS will be treated on the following grounds:
a) For the conclusion and execution of the contract to provide personalized advice on fashion, travel, beauty and / or lifestyle advice, following the most current trends in each of these areas (“Services”).
b) The processing of collected data may also be based on the legitimate interest of INFLUENCER TIPS UNIPESSOAL, LDA, for example, to prevent fraud, to ensure the security of the INFLUENCER TIPS WEB PORTAL or to improve the services provided through the INFLUENCER TIPS WEB PORTAL.
c) To comply with legal obligations to which INFLUENCER TIPS UNIPESSOAL, LDA is required, such as compliance with accounting and tax obligations.
d) Personal data may also be processed when the user has given his or her consent, which may be withdrawn at any time.


3. For what purposes we treat your personal data?
Your personal data are processed by INFLUENCER TIPS UNIPESSOAL, LDA only for the purposes of the following:
a) Provision of WEB PORTAL INFLUENCER TIPS Services: for example, if a user wishes to attend a friend’s birthday party, the data provided by the user will be handled by the INFLUENCER TIPS UNIPESSOAL, LDA and by the Influencer that the user has chosen so that the Influencer can provide a personalized advice and tips based on the user’s profile and physical characteristics and tastes. Processing of this data does not include automated processing or profiling.
b) Invoicing, payment and accounting records: All data collected at registration are optional, except for name, taxpayer number, telephone, e-mail address and bank details, without which it is not possible to provide the service and bill it.
c) Contact, information and complaints management: INFLUENCER TIPS UNIPESSOAL, LDA will also handle the data to manage the relationship with its customers, respond to complaints and improve the experience of the Services provided.
d) Communication of products and services: INFLUENCER TIPS UNIPESSOAL, LDA may send you by e-mail advertising communications about products and services associated with WEB PORTAL INFLUENCER TIPS. If you have given your consent, INFLUENCER TIPS UNIPESSOAL, LDA may process your personal data and information about the services you use to send you personalized product and service communications.


4. Subcontracting of the processing of personal data
INFLUENCER TIPS UNIPESSOAL, LDA may use subcontractors for the purpose of processing personal data, and these entities are obliged to develop appropriate technical and organizational measures for data protection and to ensure the rights of the data subject.


5. What are the deadlines for processing and retaining personal data?
While you are active in the WEB PORTAL INFLUENCER TIPS, INFLUENCER TIPS UNIPESSOAL, LDA will treat and retain your personal data and data regarding the use and contracting of our Services.
In some cases, the law requires the processing and retention of data for a minimum period of time (eg 10 years for reporting to the Tax Authority for accounting or tax purposes).
But where there is no specific legal obligation, then the data will be processed only for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes that motivated its collection and preservation and always in accordance with the law, guidelines and decisions of the National Data Protection Commission.
Whenever you cancel your registration with WEB PORTAL INFLUENCER TIPS, INFLUENCER TIPS UNIPESSOAL, LDA will keep your personal data for a period of 6 months, except for those that the law requires to keep for longer periods.


6. What are the rights of the data subject?
The owner of the personal data is the registered user in WEB PORTAL INFLUENCER TIPS, to whom the law gives the following rights:
a) Right of Access: Right to obtain confirmation of what your personal data are processed and information about them, such as the purposes of the treatment, the storage periods, among others.
b) Right of Rectification: Right to request the rectification of your inaccurate personal data or to request incomplete personal data to be completed.
c) Right to Erase Data or “Right to be Forgotten”: Right to have your personal data erased, provided that there are no valid grounds for retention, such as where data must be retained to fulfill a legal obligation.
d) Right to Portability: Right to receive the data you have provided to us in digital format for normal use and automatic reading or to request the direct transmission of your data to another entity that becomes the new responsible for your personal data, if it is technically possible.
e) Right to file a complaint: Right to file a complaint or complaint with the National Data Protection Commission regarding the processing of your personal data.
f) Right of Opposition to the Processing of Personal Data: The right to oppose or withdraw your consent at any time to a processing of data, such as in the case of processing of data for sending communications of products and services, provided no legitimate interests prevail over their interests, rights and freedoms, such as the defense of a right in a court case.
g) Right of Limitation: The right to request the limitation of the processing of your personal data by suspending the processing or limiting the scope of the processing to certain categories of data or processing purposes.


7. Cookies
Cookies are small data files that are installed on your computer or any other device when you visit a website, and are used to record information about your browsing in order to make it easier and more enjoyable. These files are stored on the user’s terminal, contain anonymous data and do not damage your computer. They are used to record user preferences such as the selected language, access data or page personalization, either during browsing or on future visits.
The web server records and stores only the information by definition usually recorded by the server: o Internet Protocol Address through which the user had access to the internet; the date and duration of user access to WEB PORTAL INFLUENCER TIPS; the internet address of the website from which the user accessed the WEB PORTAL INFLUENCER TIPS directly.
The information collected through WEB PORTAL INFLUENCER TIPS is intended to calculate the number of visits to the different pages that make up the Portal, which will allow INFLUENCER TIPS UNIPESSOAL, LDA to make WEB PORTAL INFLUENCER TIPS, for example, more useful and intuitive for its users.
This information is not used by INFLUENCER TIPS UNIPESSOAL, LDA to track or collect any personally identifiable information about visitors, including by linking the IP address to the computer user’s identity, or for any purpose other than that referred to in the previous paragraph.
Under legal terms, information storage and the ability to access information stored on a user’s terminal equipment (including cookies) is only performed by INFLUENCER TIPS UNIPESSOAL, LDA if the user has given his express prior consent to the installation of cookies on his device.


8. Contacts
Any questions or concerns about this policy, how we handle your personal information, or if you wish to exercise any rights that may assist you may be directed to the following e-mail address:
[January 7th, 2020]